A downloadable game for Windows

Hello! i'm Andrea Di Bartolo, host of the Quarantine Jam!For this jam i made a very little game on my own: ALL THE THINGS!

i'm just a 3d artist, so i'm not that good with code, i just had some fun with physics and random item spawning!


in this game you have to fetch items with some specific properties to the drop zone in less than 20 seconds, at start only one property is required, but as the time goes on it became more and more difficult!


left click - pick up/throw item

right click - push item

wasd - move


thanks to everyone who took part in this game jam, the overwhelming response was totally unexpected!

and thanks to Carmelo Ventimiglia for the sounds effect of this game!


AllTheThings.zip 50 MB


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Fun for a while! Good lighting, cool that the objects have sounds! Game #4 in this video:

Thank you very much for playing this! :D 

mac version pls