PSA: added a WebGl version, i still recommend to download and play the win64 build for better graphic quality and performance.

Hello! I'm Andrea Di Bartolo, 3d Artist for StrangeFire Games (Shoppe Keep, Shoppe Keep2, Craft Keep:Vr) it's my first time partecipating in the Brackeys gamejam, i've partecipated only in ludum dares so far! I'm a 3D Artist who does code only in his free-time and for gamejams, i did everything by myself for this game except for the Audio, for that i had a very great help by my colleague in StrangeFire Games Daniel Romeros ,who made a beautiful in-game track for this game, and my own brother Roberto  di Bartolo, who made a very cute main menu intro music!

Heartman is a top-down puzzle game, where you have to guide Heartman (the blind heart, protagonist of this game) to his Girlfriend, Heartman will walk automatically, turning  only when he bumps into something, guide him using boxes,bridges, barrells through 16 levels and 2 different game environments!

3D Art/Code/Ui/Game design - Andrea Di Bartolo

Main Menu Music Theme - Roberto Di Bartolo

In-Game Music Theme - Daniel Romeros


Download 70 MB


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